Brandy Sexless for Years!

Brandy: Sexless for Years!


Ray J is famous because he had sex on tape withKim Kardashian.

Conversely, that hilarious singer’s sister is in the news today because she’s done just the opposite: in an interview withLife & Style, Brandy Norwood says she hasn’t gotten down with a man in years.

"I haven’t been with a man seriously and in love in six years," said theDancing with the Starscontestant. "And, honestly, I tend to abstain if I’m not in a relationship… it’s been a long time."

Brandy Norwood Picture

How committed is Brandy to life outside the bedroom? She didn’t even give in to Flo Rida!

"I was very interested in him. I mean, how can you not be he’s very attractive. But there was just something about us that didn’t click."

That’s okay. At least someone in the family has taken up the intercourse cause recently…for all to see!


Jessica Simpson is Having a Baby (Someday)!

Jessica Simpson is Having a Baby (Someday)!


“I’m Having a Baby.” Jessica Simpson to Life & Style

Of course, this is the star (if she’s even quoted) talking aboutfuturebaby plans, rather than a story about Eric Johnson actually gettingJessica Simpson pregnant. If that happened, the headline would read "Jessica Simpson: Pregnant!"

You don’t fool us, secondrate supermarket tabloid …

Jessica is Having a Baby!

MORNING SICKNESS:She was actually justsick one morning. Really.

A couple of side notes on top of the blatantly misleading headline:

  • That’s one of the worstJessica Simpson picturesever. The girl is hot, if nothing else. Show it … or at least use a pic of her with Eric.
  • If Jennifer Aniston is really "baring it all," why is there a stock photo, circa 2002, on the cover? Not exactly a compelling teaser.
  • We already saw thefirst Breaking Dawn photo. Come on guys.

Sean Preston, Jayden James Visit Britney Spears!

The Camila Alves Baby Bump Watch Continues


Brazilian model (and hot mommatobe) Camila Alves shows off her baby bump in a flowy Fendi dress at the reopening of the fancy fashion house’s Rodeo Drive flagship store in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday evening.

Camila Alves Baby Bump Action?

Okay, so there’s no real Camila Alves baby bump action here.

At least not yet. It’s still early, though. Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey are expecting in late June. LikeJamie Lynn Spears, it’s too early to see any real baby bump in photos, especially if they wear clothes like this.

No word yet on the gender of Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves’ baby. Or on anofficial nicknamefor the couple.

Danica Patrick DeTramp Stamped!

Danica Patrick: DeTramp Stamped!


Danica Patrick looks beautiful in herphoto spreadfor this year’sSports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

But while the magazine had no quams posing this racecar driver in a bikini, across the hood of a car, or slightly bent over, it apparently drew the line at the evercontroversial lower back tattoo.

It’s known in some circles as a "tramp stamp," and aSports Illustratedspokesman broke the BS meter in his explanation for why Patrick’s was airbrushed out:

"The Swimsuit Issue emphasizes natural beauty. The freckles are left on and, in this case, the tattoos came off."

Danica Patrick PhotoTramp Stamped

Should Sports Illustrated have airbrushed out Danica Patrick’s tatoo?

So, just to summarize: a tattoo is too racy. ButBrooklyn Decker nude, with nothing but body paint, is acceptable?

Don’t get us wrong. We’re happy about the latter, but shocked about the former.